Credit Card Application Rejection: Why is it so?

Getting a credit card seems relatively easy. All you need to know is to fill out an application, all requirements, contact the bank or finance company for a meeting, and then wait for the decision. The most complicated part is that they say yes, but all that depends on your financial condition: a constant income and a real credit relationship, although sometimes they are some of the factors that show that with the requirements. When these factors are not present, you can not achieve much more complex. However, there is still comfort. The probabilities may work in favor of knowing the factors that determine that it was not marked.


Insufficient income

Another reason why the credits are rejected, because the individual, despite having a good record, without an account for enough income to assume the debt. Put another way: you have too many commitments that your salary/income does not reach for paying the credit you are requesting. As you well know, credit cards are linked to a certain sum of money, known as a line of credit, which represents the top you can spend with it. Therefore, if you are not looking for what you need to return the amount you are facilitating in an instant, reject.

The lack of income to guarantee our solvency and ability to return, as well as a negative relationship between money inflows and shipping costs of the credit card. At Credit Excel Capital, we had chosen the credit card according to your conditions and work situation. Allow us to provide advice and some tips, so you do not have problems and that the application can be approved.

Without proof of income

Subsequently, another source is the lack of proof of income. Although, you can include tax effects and equity letters, which really takes into account as your bank account. If you receive the cash you should deposit it in a bank account of the bank: create a record of your earnings and your money as a customer and another person to open the doors.

Credit history

At least as a customer, it is necessary to have 2 years of registration in the Credit Bureau with punctual payments. This is the responsibility and ability to pay with your financial commitments. Users whose history is less than that time should wait a little longer and remain consistent with their payments. As in the previous one: this is valid for everyone.

Credit report

One of the main reasons why it can be rejected. When your financial history shows up as a long list of management failures, unpaid credit cards, banks in the same way that you will not be able to pay them. Therefore, the chances of obtaining loans are very low. Some red hot spots when reviewing your credit history:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage’s trial
  • Credit cards canceled due to inability to pay
  • Too many credit cards and / loan applications at the same time
  • Claims related to money, stories such as returned checks, fraud, and others

Lacking or lost reports

The counselors dismiss demands for missing and/or fragmented financing archives, since this needs straightforwardness. That demonstrates the accompanying:

  1. that you are concealing something, or
  2. that you are being untrustworthy with the data. Administrators effortlessly presume when candidates withhold imperative information. As you would like to think, there is no motivation behind why you can not uncover important data on the off
    the chance that you don’t have anything to cover up.

Mistaken data

Another reason for dismissal is because of off-base data. Remember that they do their own exploration when they process an application. The points of interest are essential and take a gander at the information specifically. A conflicting or off base telephone number or deliver is sufficient to keep them alarm and deny a financing demand. A few banks or moneylenders likewise deny financing when the telephone number gave does not answer calls.

How to improve your reputation in the credit bureau

Having a bad history in the credit bureau can be a nightmare. Not only is it something that causes embarrassment, but it limits your financial possibilities. Imagine that you need money to repair the house or pay the tuition of your children, urgently. Or more importantly, for a medical emergency. With a bad reputation in the bureau, you probably will not get more from the loan, and if you do it with many financials, it will be with very high-interest rates. But do not worry, there’s an arrangement. Repairing your credit history may be easier than you think if you are willing to do it is not very high. It is important that you regularize your
situation also have plans to obtain larger credits in the future. Do not have a credit history? A low-credit card may be the solution.

How to have a good reputation in the credit bureau?

Keep in mind that your history enters the bureau since you start generating accounts in your name, such as credit card, personal credit, water, electricity or telephone. Obtaining several lines of credit also helps; this does not mean that you leave now and take
several loans at once without thinking, but ask them with responsibility and only if you have the money to return them.

How to fix the bad reputation of the credit bureau?

To revamp your history you require time and persistence, being in the credit agency isn’t the most exceedingly awful thing that can transpire. Without a doubt, you will ask yourself to what extent it will be conceivable to eradicate your obligation. This will depend straightforwardly on the sum you owe.

Continue paying your bills as previously and on the off chance that you have issues influencing installments, to contact your licensed moneylender promptly, be it a bank or another budgetary foundation. They are probably going to have recovery programs that will bring down your financing cost and offer you bring down regularly scheduled installments. It additionally demonstrates great confidence and regardless of whether you end up in poor condition, let them realize that you will make the best decision.