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Foreigner Loan Singapore

Having travelled from another country be it for overseas education or work, is not an easy thing for anyone to do. Leaving your home, loved ones and family members behind, if you have just arrived in Singapore and have no one else to turn to when it comes to your financial matters? Who should you look for? What should you do? What can you do? These are some questions that may have came across your mind besides being stress and panicking.

We understand the worries and concern that a foreigner might have. That is why we are extending our help through improvising a loan package that is specifically catered to aid foreigners and expats during their stay here in Singapore. If you need a Home Loan for Foreigners in Singapore to settle your monthly rent, or if you are have ongoing bills that has to be settled promptly, we want to be there to bridge this transition for you. So that your current salary or expenditure is not being compromised. Everyone has their own different obligations and responsibilities to bear, if there is no one there for you to speak to or seek help, it certainly does not feel good to be helpless.

Local Banks have their own set of policies and rules to follow, hence if there is a need for you to take out a Personal Loan for Work Permit Holders, it would have to be for an emergency. If it is being used to settle important financial issues, we will not question your privacy as to what this money will be used for as we respect our customer’s discretion. Instead of taking that queue number that would result in hours of waiting time, till submitting your documents and awaiting for that lengthy approval that would also take up a big amount of your time, we’d suggest that you strongly consider a Licensed Moneylender in Singapore.

If you have doubts regarding the legitimacy of any particular licensed moneylender, feel free to look them up via to validate and see if they are under the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore that is registered with the Ministry of Law.

What to expect in our office:

Being one of the most trustworthy Money Lender in Singapore for Foreigners, Credit Excel has a full team of dedicated and patient staff, feel free to question them if you have any loan related queries and we will help you to the best of our knowledge. Upon submitting the proper required paperwork, if the relevant papers are brought, you will be able to walk away with your Work Permit Loan Singapore as short as 30 minutes!

Eligibility and Mandatory Requirements:

  • Applicants have to be at least the age of 21 and above
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Work Permit
  • Any Billing Proof with residential address indicated
  • Recent 3 months of your payslip

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