Nothing quite starts of a new life for the groom and the bride like a wedding; it opens up doors to their marriage and a new family. This article looks at various hacks to save up on your expenses and is, therefore, a must read for anyone out there planning a wedding. Granted, people will attend your wedding and even celebrate it with you but they are bound to forget the over-the-top arrangements and even the abundant menu.

However, one thing they are likely not to forget is your financial status before, during and after the wedding. Use the following simple life hacks and be sure you will not start marriage as a pauper.

Plan Well in Advance

In Singapore, having a hurried wedding will require you to seek funds from your friends, parents and even borrow much more from your savings. This is never a wise financial decision at all. The smarter thing to do would be to fix up your wedding for a later date that works well for you. Once you set the date, use that time leading to the date to shop wisely when there are discounts or coupons.

When it comes to booking a venue for both the service and the reception, you might have to consider discounts and deals that may be better off. Plan your wedding in an OFF-season since this gives time and the chance to book a venue listed in the budget and one that has maximum offers and benefits.

There is one golden rule that you should keep in mind when planning- the earlier bookings for caterers, florists, photographer, and venues are made the higher the chances are to pocket the best budget deals. It is also important to know that weddings are best planned for when you are emotionally and financially ready.

Choose a Venue Depending on Budget

Your guest list determines your choice of venue; keep your guest list limited so as to save up on the money. There are people that have a large circle of friends such as friend, family and the official circle and may be considering the option of hosting separate functions for these different circles; however, such people may opt to hold out a large party that accommodates these people rather than host little parties, which are more expensive. Hosting different themed parties is likely to be expensive and tiresome but bringing all these people together saves up on a whole lot more.

In Singapore, choosing a venue requires that you walk around looking at different banquet halls. However, if you are on the down low in terms of expenses, it is recommended that you go for outdoor events as you save up on décor and nothing quite does the outdoor events like Singapore.

Remove the Trousseau Planner and Wedding planner

Hiring a trousseau or a wedding planner is one expense that can be done away with. Rather than use a planner, involve families and friends of both parties in the planning of the occasion. Use Google to look for tricks and tips on planning. Through this, you do not only save up but also enjoy the entire process of wedding preparations; you also utilize on your talents and creativity.

Wedding Shopping should be done in the Sales Period.

Among other things, Singapore is famous for having season end sales; even the best-selling items have amazing discounts at such times. What would be the best way to utilize these discounts? Take advantage of the discount and sales bonanzas that are listed out in the various exclusive brand outlets and in the malls too. To do this it is wise that you first make a list of everything that you are going to shop for. Then against these items put prices of these items occasionally. Once the prices actually go down then this would be the best time to purchase these items.


A wedding is a happy occasion and as such all parties tend to go all the way out; with most not considering the afterlife. What many people tend to forget is that a wedding does not have to be extravagant or lavish to make a lasting impression on people. What gives off a lifetime impression is the well planning and the romance; Therefore work within your means have the best wedding after all it only comes once.