So, you are at some fancy restaurant with your family and friends, and you just want to be sure everything goes smoothly from the time you order your food and pay the bill afterwards. But you see, there are instances that we do not expect, which can be a little embarrassing to deal with. Some money experiences that can leave us feeling awkward will surely test our creativity and problem-solving skills. With people expecting what you will do, how can you get yourself out of this sticky situation while maintaining your dignity?

There will always be situations that may cause you to feel uncomfortable, and for the most part, these instances usually have something to do with money. Whether you have a family or friend trying to borrow money from you, or there is the uncertainty of who pays the bill after a large meal shared with people, you may want to be prepared for such instances before they happen. Here, we feature common money-related experiences that may cause you to feel awkward and embarrassed. Our practical pieces of advice may also help in case you find yourself in such odd circumstances.

1. Who will foot the bill

Singaporeans enjoy a nice meal with their loved ones. This is why it is typical for you to find yourselves with a group of people who share this same passion for dining. But at the same time, there may come some confusion when it comes to who pays the bill once it comes. Are you supposed to split it with your companions, pay just for your own meal, or are you supposed to pay the whole thing?

Generally, if the reason for such gathering is a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion that you are hosting, it is only expected that you foot the bill. There is no need to inform them you will do so, since it is understood that any event that you host is supposed to be shouldered in its entirely by you – dining included.

But then, what if there is no such special event and it was merely a get-together with friends? If this is the case, you may want to discuss beforehand the payment arrangement with your companions. Or, you may always speak up initially for yourself prior to ordering your food. By making it clear as to who pays for what, there will be no awkward and uncomfortable moments with the people you share your meals with.

2. How to deal with a friend borrowing money from you

This is a tough one. If you have a close friend who finds himself in a difficult situation, it can be challenging to say no to his request, right? You want to be sure that you support your friend no matter what, and giving your best to help him is one of the things you believe in. However, the whole thing changes once money gets involved. If you know sure enough that your friend has an issue with paying off his debt, it can be a little uncomfortable on your part to lend money to him. Of course, you are only being practical since you also need to be on top of your finances to prevent yourself from getting in the same situation he is experiencing.

But how can you say no to a dear friend who is asking if he could borrow a substantial amount of money from you? What will be the best way to address this situation?

The most appropriate way to go about it is by speaking straight from your heart. If he is truly your friend, he should be able to understand your reason for saying no. There should be no hard feelings at all since just because you two are close friends, this does not mean you MUST always give in to his concerns.

Tell him that you are not comfortable with lending the said amount of cash at the moment. You may express your own situation whether you have an upcoming expense that you need to address, or you simply do not have enough dispensable cash to lend. Whatever your reason is, be straight to the point, but say it with love and compassion towards your friend. At the same time, do not feel bad for not being able to help your friend this way. Always remember that there is always the option to go to a moneylender in Singapore who can provide him with the amount he needs. Other ways to get emergency funds are available to your friend, so you may also give suggestions as a means of helping him such as getting personal cash loan from licensed money lender. 

3. Hanging out with your elite friend can be a little uncomfortable sometimes

Perhaps you have a friend who has ZERO money issues at all. You got invited to a party, and this would mean having to eat at some high-end restaurant, go to a bar and drink expensive wine, or check out a posh country club that requires a ton of cash as your spending money.

Although you love your friend so much, this kind of lifestyle may just be too much for you at the moment. You are more of a frugal person who thinks carefully about the money you spend, and just throwing your cash away is certainly not your style. Most importantly, you do not have to feel pressured or compelled to go beyond your budget just for the sake of pleasing your friend.

If you feel uncomfortable with this situation, you have to be honest and straightforward to your friend. Tell him your financial situation and capacity. Do you have a tight budget at the moment? Then by all means, let him know about it. Never feel that you will always have to do everything to make everyone feel good at your own expense. Just be genuine, honest, and straight to the point. A true friend will understand your situation and not force you to do one thing you may end up regretting.

4. You have an issue with your credit card during payment as you got declined

After shopping for the items you need, you stand in front of the cashier and present your credit card for payment. But for some reason, your credit card get declined, and you feel so embarrassed that people are starting to complain about you holding up the line. What do you do?

This is indeed a very embarrassing situation that will leave you wanting to disappear right then and there. With people getting annoyed with the long wait at the cashier, this can certainly make you feel so awkward. But the thing is, it is not your fault! There could be some technical issues with your bank, or perhaps the cashier’s terminal is the one with the problem. But still, you cannot deny the fact that you need to come up with an alternative payment mode for your purchases.

What you can do is talk to the store personnel nicely and privately. You will have to arrange a mode of payment that is acceptable to the retail shop or wherever you are. For instance, you may go to an ATM nearby and get some cash out, then head back to the store for payment. Always remember that there is a solution and way out of this kind of situation. Sure, you may have to endure some moment of embarrassment initially, but it will all work out in the end!

In life, there will always be unexpected situations that may not be very pleasant or comfortable to deal with. This is common when money is involved since people have their unique financial situations. You can always get them to read up on some tips such as 8 Painless Ways to Save Money or try to solve problems by reading 4 Bad Habits That Will Make You Poor so that every one will understand the importance of money. Likewise, as long as you prepare yourself mentally and psychologically before these situations occur, you can breathe easily and expect yourself to address such situations in a practical, creative, and effective manner.