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Cash disbursement less than 30 mins

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Most competitive interest rates in the market

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Monthly instalments
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Best Licensed Money Lender Since 2010

Credit Excel Capital Pte. Ltd. (License No.: 114/2020) is recognised by the Ministry of Law (Registry of Moneylenders Singapore) as a licensed money lender in Singapore. We are considered as one of the reputable licensed credit company in Singapore. We offer a selection of personal financial services such as personal loan and payday loan with low interest rate that will meet your needs or economic situation.

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What Makes Us Different
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Interest rates and repayment terms differ greatly across organizations. When looking for your loan provider, it is crucial in ensuring that the organization has a legal license from the government to avoid being a victim of lenders who use predatory tactics, leaving applicants in debt or being forced to default on their loans. Credit Excel Capital abides by all government-mandated lending requirements.

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What Our Customers Say About Us?


Many variety of loan packages offered for me to choose from, and they are flexible with the repayment schemes. Will definitely recommend to my friends in future.

Ms Jenny Goh
Sales Executive


This is my first time borrowing money from a licensed money lender, dropped by their office and was wecomed by warm and friendly consultants, the transaction was done so easily!

Mr Ahmad Azman
Store Controller


No doubt they one of the reputable moneylender in singapore, service is tip top and explanation is very clear. happy with the loan issue speed and it didn’t take them long to disperse the cash.

Mr Thomas Tay
Business Director

Type of Financial Loans

Cash Loan

Personal Cash Loan

Offering the best rates with total confidentiality, consider getting a personal cash loan with us to tide through your financial troubles with no hassle.

licensed money lender

Fast Payday Loan

Flexible repayment plans to suit your needs, our fast payday loan will see you through even before you receive your next paycheck.

Payday Loan

SME Business Loan

Require extra funds for your business? Our SME business loan caters to SMEs and MNCs across different industries in Singapore.

Choosing Singapore’s Best Licensed Money Lender

Credit Excel Capital abides by all government-mandated lending requirements, including:

A limit on all late repayment fees
A limit on all service charges


You are able to apply your loan via our online loan application form that is easy to complete, or subsequently you may drop by our office at:

Credit Excel Pte. Ltd.

192 Waterloo Street
#05-04, Skyline Building
Singapore 187966
Phone: 6337 0055

The interest rates that we are offering at the moment would be 4% monthly.

Here are some of the fees that we are not suppose to imposed on our customers:

  • A late Repayment Fee that does not exceed an amount of  S$60.00
  • A fee that does not go above 10% of the principal loaned amount upon approval
  • Any legal cost ordered by the court that is being used to successfully reclaim any loans.


Secured Loans:

  • No Restriction to any amounts

Unsecured Loans:

  • If your annual income is less than S$20,000 : Up to of S$3,000
  • If your annual income is S$20,000 or more but below S$30,000 : Up to 2X of your monthly income
  • If your annual income is S$30,000 or more but below S$120,000 : Up to 4X of your monthly income
  • If your annual income exceeds S$120,000 : Any amount that you need

YES, you should not be coerced or pressured to take out any loans if it is not what you are looking for in terms of any deplorable clauses or even personal reasons.

  • Double check on the loaned amount to ensure that it is the correct amount
  • Make prompt repayments to avoid any late payment fees or interests imposed
  • Each time after a repayment is being made, ensure that you are being issued a dated and signed receipt if it is made in cash.
  • Check on your name, amount, date, on the correctness of every detail
  • Double check that you are being issued a statement of account for all loans at least every 6 months
  • Retain and file up all physical copy of proofs as documentation and evidence of payments.

You are able to make your loan repayments/instalments through any ATM machines, or Ibanking online transfers to any of our local bank accounts. Likewise, you can also make your repayment ONLY in cash at our office if you are nearby.

YES, Loans can still be taken out once we have gone through auditing your financial capabilities to ensure that responsible borrowing and lending is being conducted. A flexible repayment plan will be discussed mutually for the ease of both parties.

YES, you are still able to take out another loan. Our loan consultants will run through and plan a repayment scheme to cater to your current financial capability.

NO, you do not need any Guarantor to take out any loans at all.

Credit Excel Capital
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#1 Trusted Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

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