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    Short Term Business Loan

    Business loans can be categorized into two main classifications, commonly known as Short-Term Business Loan and Long-Term Business Loan.

    These days, we are seeing more and more startups emerging in the market, but not everyone has the luxury of having affluent family members or investors to fund them for their business needs.

    And for certain type of business, some costs are unavoidable.

    This is where a Small Business Loan would be ideal for you.

    We are a legal and licensed moneylender in Singapore, recognised by Ministry of Law (Registry of Moneylenders)

    Why Choose Short Term Business Loan?

    Cash flow is one common challenge that many business owners face today.

    Promising startups that are lucky to be funded will have the options to not only ensure their businesses survive but also prosper and grow.

    As fellow business owners, we do not want to see aspiring people have their passion or dreams shattered, that is why Business Loan designed for Startup has been implemented and devised to mainly focus and financially help companies and businesses to tide over this difficult time.

    Our business loans are suitable for business owners that needs financial funding on a short-term basis, for instance to bridge across till invoices are being cleared, or payments are being made from clients.

    Startups that are doing well should leverage on additional funding for faster business growth. Likewise, for long-term business loans, those that are looking to expand their businesses by either opening another office or additional retail outlet can opt for a longer repayment option so as to not affect the cashflow of the businesses

    The repayment time frame can range anywhere from above 1 year of repayment with interest. Ultimately, SME Business Loans are usually taken up to keep the company moving.

    Here at Credit Excel, with the relevant documents provided, you will be able to get your loan in no time.

    With minimum waiting time, business owners need not go through the long, arduous process of countless approvals that is time consuming from local banks.

    Credit Excel wants to bridge and tighten the gap, making the procedure as seamless as possible so that your business remain undisrupted and you can continue your regular operation day to day.


    What to expect when you come down to our office

    Credit Excel has the reputation in the industry for being one of the most customer-oriented moneylender, we are here to lend a listening ear to you, offer advices that may be useful to you.

    You may approach any of our friendly loan specialist to find out more about Business Loans, the terms and conditions or any loan related questions. We would be happy to answer all the questions that you have for us.

    When you are cleared of all doubts, only then will we be proposing a loan package that is suitable for you.

    Mandatory Requirements & Eligibility:

    • Must be a Singapore-Registered Business
    • Photocopies front & back of ALL Shareholder/Partners/Sole Proprietors’ NRIC/Passports
    • Your Company’s Financial statement from the previous financial year
    • All Partner’s Income Tax Notice of Assessment
    • Company’s bank account statement for at least the recent 6 months before

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