About Us

About Credit Excel Capital?

As a licensed and best money lender in Singapore, Credit Excel Capital aims to provide all clients with a fastest and most reliable service to fulfill their needs.

In fact, we do not take our clients to a long and tedious process just to get their loan applications approved.

We value our customers, so we make it a point to facilitate loan transactions in a convenient and efficient way.

Moreover, we give flexible repayment schemes for our clients, which will suit their specific concerns. You may opt for a fixed amount for the monthly payment or flexible remuneration dates.

Most importantly, we place high regard to all out customers. With this in mind, all pieces of information provided to us are kept in strict confidentiality.

Hence, we remain as one of Singapore's most dependable and highly professional licensed moneylender for all your financial situations.

If your concern is to look for a reliable money lender in Singapore.

Credit Excel Capital will be your best choice!

Who We Are

Credit Excel Capital is professional and fully licensed money lender company that are authorised by the Registry of Money Lender Singapore.

Branded as one of the top premium leading licensed moneylender, Credit Excel Capital pledge to uphold and provide professional services and extensive credit loan products that are specially tailor made to suit our customer needs.

At Credit Excel Capital, we showcase a wide range of flexible loan services available that specially cater to your needs such as Personal Loan, PayDay Loan, Short Term Loan, and even Business Loan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to adhere to the sternest code of ethics and principles in dealing with our customers as well as our business protocols.

We desire to be a value added company that support and ensure that our customers can place their 100% trust in us to serve and provide their needs.

We portray and safeguard professionalism and handle every single customer in an absolutely fair and square manner.

Why Credit Excel Capital Licensed Money Lender Is Your 1st Choice?

Credit Excel Capital is formed by a group of experienced and professionally trained financial advisors in the industry ever since year 2010.

Over the years, we have been helping many to solve their financial problems. That explains why Credit Excel Capital will always be Singaporeans first choice whenever they are looking for a reliable money lending company in Singapore.

We strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations set by Ministry of Law. Thus, these are the reasons that led us to where we are today.

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